Have you heard about the benefits of coffee grounds?

If you grow anything in a garden, you will want to know about the benefits of used coffee grounds for your plants and compost.  If you believe in reducing waste, you will want to know how you can stop used coffee grounds from going to landfill.  You can read more about this on the Ground to Ground website.

If you would like to do your bit on diverting these beneficial used coffee grounds from the landfill as waste, to gardens as plant food and compost, please contact us!  We have a regular collection from a cafe in Main St, Croydon.  All you have to do is turn up with your empty 20L food grade bucket with a lid.  Exchange that for a full bucket of used coffee grounds and go make your plants and worms happy!

You can collect as often or as rarely as you like but let’s make it regular so we won’t double up and not have anything to collect when we turn up.  So if you’re ready to save this wonderful resource from landfill, please contact us to schedule a regular collection – monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

get your regular supply of used coffee grounds now


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