Queensland Fruit Fly Info and Assistance

For those who have listened to Bronwyn (Queensland Fruit Fly Regional Coordinator Yarra Valley) talk to us about the threat of Queensland fruit flies in the Yarra Valley and how to prevent them, as well as for those who have missed out, here’s a summary of what we can do as home gardeners and commercial growers, to remove the risk of QFF establishing in our area.

  • Limiting the fruit and veg that comes onto our land or premises.
  • Knowing the risks of the produce that does come into our possession eg. Is this grown in a fruit fly area? How do I prevent the potential pest and disease risk from reaching my crop(s)?
  • If we discover infested produce, do not dispose in rubbish, green bin, compost or worm farm.  First treat the produce or remainder of it using either microwave, bag and sun for 5-7 days, or, place in freezer for 2 days.  This treated produce can then be discarded in the rubbish bin.
  • Remove unwanted host trees and ensure management of all host crops growing on property
  • Monitor for QFF so as to know the risk.
  • Be prepared to use bait and traps if QFF shows up in traps or produce.

You can find out more about QFF on the Agriculture Victoria website.  Please feel free to explore the site for further information.

You can also request for the electronic version of the Fruit Fly Guide Booklet that was shared at the talk by contacting us.  While the information is gathered from and funded by the vegetable division of Horticulture Innovation Australia, it is also relevant to fruit trees.

request for your free fruit fly guide booklet


The Prevent Fruit Fly website is also a great source of information in addition to the different state’s Primary Industries / Agriculture sites.

You are encouraged to contact Bronwyn by email or phone 0490 381 999 if you have any concerns or queries, or if you would like her to check out suspect pests!

If anyone is interested in hosting a fruit fly early detection trap that can be easily accessed by an accredited trap reader on a weekly basis, please contact Bronwyn or contact us and we can forward your details to her.  Bronwyn would be most keen to install a few early detection trap in the suburbs and getting a snap shot of the situation. Private property is preferred for the traps (to reduce the risk of vandalism) and front gardens are preferred so as to protect the privacy of the land owner, and protect the trap monitor from entering a potentially risky situation (minor detail but it has to be set up safely for all).


get expert help for suspect fruit flies!


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