Name change

We’ve recently been talking about change at church and I suppose no one can escape change even though we tend to dislike it (that’s me!).  As you may already know, we are starting at a new venue (Glen Park Community Garden) in May 2015 and our resources will have to be updated to reflect that change.

But before we do that, we have to revisit renaming our group.  This has also been in the pipeline for almost as long as the hunt for a new venue but has been moved to the back burner.  Now it’s time to revisit this topic.  I’ve created a poll with a few options below.  You will notice that most of the options have “Permaculture” in them and that’s because we are part of Permaculture Victoria and in an inside out way, practising Permaculture (we are starting with the food, LOL!)  Please share your opinions and ideas.  Thanks!

One comment

  1. I really like some of the suggestions so I have added them to the options to be voted!


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