2020 Swapped

We are all looking forward to the new year when we can start getting back to normal and do much more. So let’s look at 2020 and farewell it…

We started off the year with Ellen showing us how to grow your own mushrooms from just paper! She also shared some yummy mushroom risotto cooked on the spot. We had a huge variety to swap from food to household goods to hardware. Australia Day was celebrated at Heathmont in January. February brought some summer squashes into the mix. Succulents starred at the Heathmont swap in February where Margie shared about succulents and the various ways to propagate different species. It also marked their 3rd year swapping.

Chillies, plums and tomatoes started showing up at the start of autumn. We celebrated Mooroolbark swap’s 4th anniversary early in March due to the April date falling on Easter. That was a lucky good move because after that, we could not meet until June.

In June, we did manage to squeeze in a swap in Mooroolbark and also one in Warranwood. Absence did make our hearts grow fonder as everyone wanted to be there even though it was right in the middle of winter! July marked the 8th anniversary of OEPS but there was no celebration as we all had to stay at home. We also missed celebrating Warranwood swap’s 5th anniversary in August.

We spent much of winter and spring at home and finally was able to meet again in November at Mooroolbark. It was exciting to see everyone again (in our new ‘mask’ fashion) and there was much to swap as people has been busy in their gardens while stuck at home. And from then we met again weekly at the different venues and 2020 has finally come to a close.

Thank you once again to all who connected with us even though we only managed to swap for less than half the year. Let us continue to encourage each other as well as our families, friends and neighbours who may have just embarked on their permaculture food growing journey while in isolation. See you in 2021!

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