DIY reusable face shields with only a pair of scissors

With the COVID-19 coronavirus still making its rounds, the use of face mask is becoming more common, if not required.  In fact, it is becoming kind of a fashion statement!

One of our boys use face shields at his work to keep out dust and debris and our other boy thinks that’s quite cool – can replace a face mask while keeping your neck warm at the same time.  It can protect against the sun, wind, insects, cold, particles and it is moisture wicking (depending on the type of material).  Because it is just a tubular bandana, you can wear it in so many ways and style – balaclava, cowl, beanie, hairband, hairtie, just any way you can think of to use a stretchy tube.

So, if you can’t wait for your online order to arrive by post, or better still, would like to embark on an upcycling project while you’re stuck at home, go and start looking for a pair of old stretchy pants that you don’t wear anymore.  Even ones with small holes will be ok.  Active wear pants that are moisture wicking work the best.  Next find a good pair of fabric scissors.  Then get cutting!

Stretchy pants cut

Stretchy pants cut up

As you can see from the first pic (sorry forgot to take pic of whole pants before cutting up), you just have to measure and cut the leg part.  I’ve decided to make 2 pieces out of each side.  You will also notice that this particular type of material doesn’t fray so it won’t need hemming either.  Once cut, your face shields are ready!  Isn’t that super easy?

Size comparison to face shield

Comparing to the size of a purchased face shield

Here on the 2nd pic, I’m comparing the size with one that has been purchased.  The one I’ve cut is about 35cm.  It is really your preference as to what length you would like. If just using as a face shield, 35cm is more than enough.  And of course, I would say the width is perfect!

There you have it – 4 reusable face shields from a pair of old stretchy pants!  In less than 10 mins with only a pair of scissors.  Please wash them before use and also after each use.  Remember these do not replace surgical masks or N95 respirators and do not prevent viruses/bacteria.  They are only meant to help in situations where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.  Only use where persons are able to put on and remove the face shields independently.

If you can’t find stretchy pants, old t-shirts can work too but they will require a bit more work because you need to sew to adjust the width and may need hemming too, depending on whether the cut edges fray or not.

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