ISOLATION-style 8th anniversary

Alas, we could not have a swap today due to wet weather.  Anyway, it is to be expected right in the middle of winter.  But it is our 8th anniversary.  While these are very special times and we can’t meet and celebrate our milestone by sharing a plate and hot drinks, let’s have a look at our beginnings.

We started in July 2012 but I can’t find any pics from then, maybe we didn’t take any…still amateurs then 🙂  But we started blogging in December that year and here’s a post from the old blog* (see below).  Have a look at what we were swapping then!  If you have any comments, please post in the current website as the old blog is not active anymore and only maintained for historical purposes.

Perhaps you may have a photo or two of your own to share from 2012.  Please post it in the Facebook comments.

Hope everyone is well!  We really miss swapping and sharing, and chatting about our garden endeavours.  Praying for beautiful weather in August…


*  Sorry everyone, I’ve just realised that I’ve ‘closed’ off the old blog to public so people won’t inadvertently try to communicate there.  So here’s a screenshot of that page…


  1. claire smith

    Says can’t log in to old blog

    Get Outlook for Android



  2. Pam

    Congratulations and a great many thanks for your dedication and hard work Karen and .family.


  3. Marjie

    Happy anniversary. I enjoy reading about all the good you are doing for your community and members of the Swap group. Cheers!


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