Turns out seedlings might not be rosella…

I was very happy to get some rosella seeds from the Mooroolbark swap a few months ago which I’ve very promptly sown and a small percentage of that germinated.  They were separated into their own pots and soon moved to their permanent positions.

Not long after, I noticed a second lot germinated which were again separated into their own pots.  As I already have a few plants, I decided to swap these ‘bonuses’.  2-3 pots were swapped at both Bayswater North and Mooroolbark.  And I’ve kept 2 to maybe swap at Heathmont later.  However, I’ve noticed with these 2 pots, as they were growing bigger, they are looking less like rosellas and more like pennywort (aka gotu kola).  And then it dawned upon me that I have made a mistake because they look very alike when at seedling stage!  I have pennywort growing nearby and didn’t realise they self-sow seeds; always thought they propagated via runners only.

I’m very sorry if you were excited about getting rosella and then it turned out to be something else.  I wanted to say that we offer exchanges and returns, no questions asked, no time limit 🙂  Although at the moment, not sure when you can do that.  Meanwhile the plant will keep growing…it makes a very good ground cover and is low maintenance.  The leaves can also be juiced or the young leaves added to salad.  Could be a good source of food during these difficult times.

So I thought I should mention that if you have excess plants or would like to try to plant something new, why not head over to Food is Free Ringwood East where they have just added extra shelves for plants.  I will definitely be sharing my excess there.

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