2019 Swapped

We started back in January 2019 with lots of wonderful colours.  It was so exciting for us to be part of the Local Sustainability Fair that happened at Bedford Park Community Garden at the end of January.  This was followed by Glen sharing about how to make a self wicking garden bed at Heathmont on Australia Day swap.

Summer fruits and veggies are taking centre stage in February.  But it was also when the pest were at their peak especially the dreaded Queensland fruit flies that were detected locally.  So it was timely that Bronwyn had a QFF chat at the Heathmont swap on their 2nd anniversary.

The start of autumn in March is a great time where you see both summer and autumn produce at the same time.  March is also about Earth Hour and Jess, the coordinator of Bedford Park Community Garden & Sustainability Hub share about how permaculture principles help us live more sustainably, at the Heathmont swap.

In April, pumpkin started making an appearance as the tomatoes subsided.  There was pumpkin soup cooking for the homeless shelter at Heathmont using their community garden pumpkins.  As our apples started to ripen, the threat of QFF was looming.  We decided to put up some DIY traps using recycled material and also shared how to do this.  April was also the time we celebrated the 3rd anniversary at Mooroolbark where there was at least 1 unicorn spotted!

Quinces and apples were featured as we prepare to say goodbye to autumn.  The next month we had more pumpkins and apples but mandarins also marked the arrival of winter.  That meant it was time to do some winter tool maintenance at the pop-up repair cafe with Doug and Anise at the Heathmont swap.  And right in the middle of winter marked our 7th anniversary.  While there was a zero waste talk with Jenny at Mooroolbark the following week.  Then we got a head start learning from Olwyn, how to sprout seedlings ready for spring.

Citrus were in full force in August.  And a little bit of garden design insights with Richard a few weeks later.  It was great to welcome spring again and we had Edel share with us her knowledge of sourdough and how to maintain the starter.  And sure enough spring meant a lot of green growth.  But it could also be a time to sprout some fungi, with Ellen talking about the basics of growing mushrooms at Mooroolbark and Heathmont.

We had a wet and cold spring day for the next swap but that didn’t stop anyone.  And then Christmas arrived early at Heathmont which marked their last swap for 2019.  We did keep up the celebrations in Bayswater North, Mooroolbark and Warranwood.  And now we all need to workout in our gardens before we meet again in 2020.  Thanks for being a part of OEPS!  Wishing everyone a productive and fruitful year ahead!

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