Rare opportunity to grow your own food

One of our local followers is offering her garden for a team of gardeners to grow their own food.  There are plenty of raised garden beds, 12,000 litres capacity of rainwater tanks and compost bays.  All set in a neat, fenced block.

We would like to organise a team that is able to garden on a regular basis.  As we haven’t worked out the details yet, all suggestions are welcomed.  Please contact us to express your interest.  Or comment below.

Have a look at the pics of the garden and please consider if you would like to participate.  It is a rare opportunity and no wait list (at the moment)!

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  1. Shauna McCartan

    I’m very much a beginner, but would love the chance to participate and learn.


  2. Sarah Mackenzie

    I would love to work on this plot and bring it to life. May I ask where it is? As I don’t have a car transport and distance could be an issue, but how amazing


  3. Hi, I am very enthusiastic to help out! I’m also a beginner and would love the opportunity to learn more! Thanks


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