February 2018 Swap @ Bayswater North

Time for zucchini slices 🙂



  1. Joan Snowball

    Hi Karen,

    What a lot of great produce came to the swap in February.

    I presume the next swap is this coming Saturday? As you know, I rarely have much edible produce because anything here that’s even slightly edible, is a feast for the overnight mammals that visit, so I have very little and tend to bring other garden-related stuff. I do have a small, pine, bed-side table with a drawer and thought about taking it to the swap, even though it’s not food or garden related. But first I’d like to check if that’s OK with you Karen? Thanks – whatever your reply is fine with me.

    Joan Snowball

    On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 1:55 PM, Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap wrote:

    > karencheah posted: “Time for zucchini slices 🙂 ” >


    • Hi Joan, you’re welcome to bring the bedside table. People are creative and they will think of ways to use it inside or outside! If it doesn’t get snapped up this swap, you can take it home and bring it again the next swap. See you this Saturday!


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