Project: ‘My Neighbours Garden’ – people of Maroondah

This is a project by a local artist (felter), Zetta Kanta.  The following is a message from her.

My name is Zetta Kanta and I am a local artist from Ringwood. I am organising an art installation were I invite a wider community of Maroondah to participate.
The idea of this installation is to make a stand in Maroondah history about forward thinking people that reside in our neighbourhood right now. People who think about planet, nature and its preservation. We do have a serious problem on our hands as a human race – pollution, global warming, consumerism and all the negativity that comes with it. This can be changed, but it has to start from us – the people. This Installation would show how there are people living in Maroondah, that would like to see these things take a change and we already are making steps towards it by making choices that are kind to our Planet.
Here is my idea for the Installation:
I am a felter by trade and specialize in softening modern environments by bringing this ancient art form in to our modern living places. You can read more about me in
Experience I have invisiged would be to create 2×2 m ottoman felted from sheep wool sourced locally. When people would lay on it they would see a hanging dried flower garden. Around the suspended flower garden I would have bee honey comb crates hanging giving a sweet smell of summer. There also would be a sound installation playing sounds of wind, bees, running water and birds chirping. On the wall next to it would be a movie playing with interviews from people that have participated in this installation talking about why they have made these life choices, why they are doing the things they are doing and hopefully it will inspire wider community to take steps to make a changes in their life.
What I need:
I am looking for Permaculture gardeners and botanists that would like to participate in this project by helping me and donating flowers or branches from their gardens. These items would need to be dried, so to hang them from the ceiling. This project will start around end of this year, exact date to be determined yet depending on venue I will be able to secure, so there is plenty of time to grow and gather dried flowers and greenery.
I am applying for the Arts Grant so to cover the expenses for venue hiring, advertising and other expenses.
If you would like to participate in this exciting project please reply to my email with a simple ‘YES, COUNT ME IN’ and name and contact number, so that I could advise arts grant commissioner that I have people of Maroondah behind me and interested to participate.
I think together we can make an awareness and a change, be it a small one, but it will be a change – to invite community to stop and think and make the right choices on daily basis.
I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. jonesplus

    A gorgeous idea


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