February 2017 Swap & Sustainable Living Festival @ Bayswater North

Firstly, a big thank you to Olwyn for the very useful and practical workshop on repurposing throwaway containers for the garden, as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2017.  For some reason, we’ve missed taking pictures of the really cool stuff she brought along to show us.  Not to worry, you can see an example of the wicking broccoli box on her website.  Apart from the wicking planter, Olwyn showed us how to reuse 2L plastic milk containers and PET bottles, and also how to make newspaper seedling pots easily with a 500ml glass jar.  No expensive kits needed!

I’m going to share Jan’s description of how to do the wicking broccoli box because it is just spot on!  Thanks Jan!

…scoria in the bottom, and a piece of pipe going up through scoria, in corner of box……shade cloth over the scoria, and a hole in the end of the box, just above the top of the scoria. Then fill the box with potting mix and plant lettuces. Water goes into the pipe, overflow out the hole in the end.

Of course you can plant something other than lettuces which Jan is planting.

Edel also shared a really good tip for cabbage white butterfly caterpillars which has worked wonders for her.  Water the plants so their leaves are wet.  Then sprinkle plain flour on the wet leaves.  Use a sieve like when dusting icing sugar on your cake.  That’s it!  Try it out yourselves and share your results in the comments if you please.

Lastly, Ian has requested to have the rectangular plastic pots, that he shared the chilli plants in, returned if possible.  They fit into his tray so he can organise and transport his seedlings easily.  Here’s a picture of the plant pot with the chilli plant in it.


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