FarmGate Bulk Ordering

Many of you would probably have heard of FarmGate Online.  They supply farm fresh produce that support local farmers.

While we are not a ‘farmgate’ which is a collection point for orders, we would like to explore the feasibility of bulk ordering local produce that are less likely on the home growers list, e.g., cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, etc.  At the moment, their system does not cater for this, they only do mixed boxes.  But we would like to work with them to develop a workable model that would hopefully spread to other local groups wanting to purchase local produce in bulk.  To decide if we should trial this, we would like to gauge the level of interest for people swapping and sharing at Bayswater North, for a start.

I envisage that you would need to be able to put in your order online.  If the order is confirmed, due to it meeting the minimum quantity for a bulk order, based on the aggregated orders for delivery to our venue for a specific date, you would then be required to pay online.  And finally, you need to be able to come pickup your order on the specific swap date.  Hope that doesn’t sound too complicated.  This is just how I think it could possibly work.

I would appreciate if you can respond to the poll below to indicate your interest, by 31/1/2017.  Thanks!


  1. claire coutts

    Hi Karen
    re Farmgate.
    I’m interested but my issue is with being available to collect at Bayswater. Is it the swap site and day that will be the pickup or at a home?
    Mind you, if I finish work in July it won’t be an issue.


    • It’s good to know that you’re interested. If we decide to trial this, we will pilot at Bayswater North and if successful, we are hoping to expand it to our other venues and perhaps other groups. So with the pilot at Bayswater North, the pickup will be there on the day and time of the swap.

      As FarmGate Online will have to develop this ordering system, we may not start for a few months. So maybe just in time for when you finish work in July 🙂


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