2016 Swapped

While the whole world thought 2016 was a shocker of a year, I think we had another abundant year locally.

Great start to 2016 with just a lot all round.  I think homegrown apricots are a totally different fruit from those in the shops!  More stone fruits and great big tomatoes in February.  We learned about the legalities of keeping bees from Claire.

March was very eventful with lots of summer produce still keeping up and Claire continued sharing about beekeeping, on the topic of equipment.  We had a real treat with a farm day of fun, community and permaculture at Hallston thanks to Jill and Gary.  And we participated in Earth Hour at Ringwood, swapping more food.

I can’t describe how good the grapes were so you’ll just have to try them for yourself.  We were fortunate to sample these rare goodies in April. On the 2nd Saturday of this month, it was also the inaugural Mooroolbark swap at Red Earth Community Park on Brice Ave, hosted by Claire. We are growing!

We were introduced to biodynamics gardening by Jane in the month of May.  Feijoas, olives and persimmons appearing at the end of autumn.  It appears that we were outgrowing our venue with a full house in June when many attended the ‘Save Our Citrus’ talk by Kaye.  And Claire made the news with the new Mooroolbark swap!

We celebrated our 4th year of swapping in July with lot of yummy food and hot drinks, and most importantly a big round of thanks for everyone for getting our group this far.  Right in the middle of winter in August, we had another opportunity to participate in a hands-on hot composting  session with Neil.

Spring didn’t seem to arrive in September and the cold weather meant that citrus fruits were still the highlight.  And we had much of the same in October except that it was complete with showers too.  Then on another wet and cold day in October, the Mooroolbark swap led by Claire, participated in the Mooroolbark Food Festival.  Good thing they had wet weather plans that meant a slightly warmer indoor location.  The stall also featured our lovely new sign, kindly donated by Local Food Connect.

We had cold and wet, and now November brought the wind too!  But we finally had a lovely, sunny morning in December complete with lots of delicious morning tea to share.  A great finish to a great year!  Let’s continue sharing and improving our harvests.  See you in the new year!

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