November 2016 Swap @ Bayswater North

It was a gusty, blustery sort of morning that we were catching flying things more than photos!  After placing a few strategic rocks, things were much more manageable.

We went there with curry leaves, curry leaf tree cutting, curry plant (not the same as curry leaf tree which is murraya koenigii vs helichrysum italicum), galangal, goji berry, pumpkin seedlings, oranges, kaffir limes, lemons, fennel, pepino, thyme, oregano, thornless blackberry and used coffee grounds.  And we came home with lots of celery, leek, spring onion, bread rolls, comfrey, strawberry plants, eggs and a pot of red shiso.  Wasn’t that a splendid swap!  I’m most excited about the shiso leaves…can’t wait to be able to taste it!

Till the next swap (where we are going to share a plate to celebrate the last one of the year), please enjoy the pictures we’ve captured.


  1. Barb Gemmell

    Hi, I don’t seem to be getting notifications of dates of meets anymore so can’t attend…not sure why


    • Hi Barbara, thanks for your feedback. I’ve check and your email isn’t in our list. I can add it for you. Please let me know which swap you would like reminders for – Bayswater North (1st Saturday), Mooroolbark (2nd Saturday) and/or Wonga Park (3rd Sunday). Thanks.


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