October 2016 Swap @ Bayswater North

It was a cold and showery sort of day that was uncommon for this time of the year (but it now appears that we are having more of this with at least 10mm of rain today and the mercury struggling to hit a max of 13C today) but people (regulars and newcomers) just started coming in to join us and it turned out to be a very lively morning after all.  The crowd just helps to ease the cold (we are each other’s wind break!).  Apparently our gardens and food conquered the elements!  Great to have everyone there!


  1. What was in the rolls that made them green? Got to tell you it makes me want to live close – so many yummy goods.


  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by. The rolls had either wombok (chinese cabbage) or capsicum in them. You’re right, they are really yummy because Bill grinds his own flour and then makes them with different veggies/fruits, all freshly done the morning we meet. You will never get these from any shops (unless Bill decides to open one!)

    You’re probably very far away from us but you know, you can start your own local swap right where you are, and you might get some yummy homemade rolls and much more!


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