Garlic bulbils

What do you do with your garlic bulbils?  I have tried 2 things – saute them in a stir fry and plant them in pots, both of which are successful in my opinion!

In this post, I will be sharing my experience of planting them in pots.  Before I tried that, I’ve read it’s not worth the time but still, I went ahead in the name of experimentation and learning.  Hopefully, you have not sautéed all of them and can plant a few in pots now which is still not too late to do.  You can also put them into the ground but I thought trying them out in pots can show that it’s possible even if you have a lack of space.

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to take a picture of the garlic bulbils.  They are contained in a large cluster which opens up at the end of a long stalk.  Most gardeners will know what they are like but just for the sake of clarity, you can read more about bulbils in general here.

So the result of my experiment can be illustrated with 2 pictures.  The first (left) shows the bulbs I’ve harvested from 3 plastic pots.    The second picture show the different sizes of the bulbs when compared to a tablespoon.  You can also see that the garlic did form cloves and are not just rounds.  Most of the smaller bulbs I’ve planted again this year so it is a good way of multiplying your garlic crop to start with, instead of ‘sacrificing’ your regular bulbs.  A few of the larger ones were even good for eating so I would conclude that it’s well worth it to plant the bulbils especially since they didn’t really need much care at all ;P

Garlic grown from seed in pots

Garlic grown from bulbils in pots

Garlic grown from seed in pots

Garlic size compared to a tablespoon

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