What a Wonderful Worm

Hello! I haven’t done a post for some time now, and I haven’t made it to a swap for a few months either 😦 This leaves me feeling somewhat disconnected from a community that I long to be much more deeply connected to.

Why, I hear you ask, for the absence?…Well, it’s just one, actually two little-big things…the twins! Need I say more? Oh ok…Well they are currently 18 months old and quite frankly into EVERYTHING! Luckily they are thriving with the warmer weather and have discovered that it is actually quite fun to follow mum around the yard, hauling a trowel, rake or pitch fork…’Actually NO Ezekiel put the pitch fork DOWN!’ and squatting down to see this little planting or to feel the water flowing from the tank into the watering can. It’s really lovely to be out with them and so nice to be able to do my spring plantings and sow seeds and pull weeds but that is all within the confines of our little backyard, with its high fences and sturdy gates, venturing outside these walls is a whole other story, but hopefully I will be brave enough to come down with them all soon.

My yard currently looks like little terrariums have sprung up all over the place. I have placed all manner of milk bottles and Pepsi bottles collected from the neighbors, all over the yard to protect young seedlings and to hopefully keep the slugs off. It’s working to an extent but in the long term I would like to see my yard evolve into a thriving food forest that naturally deters pests and keeps many of the weeds at bay through its sheer abundance. I am currently reading Linda Woodrow’s ‘The Permaculture Home Garden’. It is really worth a read if you haven’t already and I have a host of wonderful new ideas as a result. What is your yard looking like at the moment? Are you planting according to a structured plan with allocated beds or maybe like me with a bit of this here and a bit of that there or perhaps using a slightly more structured approach than mine and conscientiously companion planting with the lunar cycles?

I have also been working hard to construct my new ‘Worm-opolis’ I say this because it is really quite a step up from the old poly box they have been residing in for the last 6 months! I have converted an old fridge by having it de-gassed and taking out all the un-necessary bits and re-constructing it to create a much larger, cooler environment for them to live! So here is what I did and if you would like a fact sheet there is one available through the ABC Gardening Australia website: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3056095.htm


Here is the fridge (and my big helper) which has been set up on a slight angle and raised on bricks to help drain out all the worm wee.


Clearing out the rubble!


We used silicone to patch up any holes and cut a drainage hole and inserted some old hose.


Then we lay down some scoria for drainage. We covered this with some steel wire and then topped that with some fly-wire mesh…fingers crossed they stay in!


My helpers putting in a fresh layer of coconut coir for our wriggly little friends as a house warming gift.

You can see we chose a spot well shaded under a tree along the fence line.


Finally they’re in! It took quite a bit of effort but fingers crossed they will be much happier here.


Thank goodness that’s done mum…its time to play!

Well that’s all for me for now. Hopefully I will make it down to the next meeting – possibly with far too many kids in tow…I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some planting done! Please feel free to ask any questions about the worm farm if you are interested in building your own ‘Worm-opolis!’



One comment

  1. Great work, Jess! What do you do with the freezer side?
    Your yard sounds like mine! And I would love mine to turn into a thriving food forest as well…let’s journey together 🙂


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