Homegrown chia seeds

Spring is coming around again and I wanted to share this now so that if you’re interested, it’s the right time to start.  I experimented with growing chia seeds from seeds (bought for consumption) last year and they did really well.  The only thing I need to figure out is how to efficiently harvest the seeds!  Please share your ideas if you have any!

Here are the pictures of the different stages of the chia, from seeds in soil to harvested seeds.  You will also note that seeds harvested later turn darker in colour.  Even if you skip harvesting the seeds (which is the tedious bit), I think they are worth planting for the beautiful blue flowers that the bees love too!  They do need some support as they grow to about 1m high (or a bit more) so growing against the fence or similar might be a good idea.


  1. We’ve harvest dock seeds here and they are quite the pain. I hear winnowing is the way to go, but I’ve been afraid to try. Winnowing (in case you don’t know) is throwing the seeds and chaff into the wind so the chaff blows away. I’m afraid I’ll lose my seeds as well so I haven’t tried it.


    • Thanks for the idea, Sara! I’m not afraid of losing the seeds because anything I try would be better than not harvesting them. In any case, if I lose them in the garden, I’m hoping they’ll grow into new plants. I’ll check out winnowing…ok, it looks like I’ll need to do threshing first 🙂

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