May 2015 Swap

Our first food swap at Glen Park Oaks Community Garden!  Look at all the wonderful goodies!

2 things to note. I’ve found out that the persimmons on offer are the astringent type which means that it needs to ripen till very soft before you can scoop out to eat, as opposed to eating like an apple for the non-astringent type.  I’ve been fortunate not to have eaten an astringent persimmon till now…it makes your whole mouth (and throat) pucker up and the description of having a mouthful of cotton wool is quite close!  Not recommended, unless you would like to understand what an astringent persimmon is!  2nd thing is that I described the mangosteen as having seeds in each segment.  Surprisingly, the one we got was entirely seedless!  Again something new to us but this is good news 🙂

A few admin news now.  We have changed our name to Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap.  So please note new name and venue.  I will be migrating this website to so this will probably be the last post here.  And I may be quiet for sometime while working on setting up the new website and updating everything else to reflect the new name.

As always, thanks for all your support and happy gardening!

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