Upside down hanging planters

Remember my post on using plastic milk bottles as hanging planters?  This season, I’ve tried them upside down too – with tomatoes.

Here’s a picture of one tomato seedling right after transplanting.  I lined the bottles with old sheets and newspaper, in the hope that water will be better retained.  Sometimes I also use worn out reusable shopping bags.  And sometimes I just forget to put anything.  (The old sheets and worn out shopping bags can go into the compost bin later)

Upside down tomato

Upside down tomato

About 3 months later, here’s how they look.  (I lost one due to lack of water on the hot days – I hung them on the fence which gets the western setting sun = SIZZLING!)

Upside down tomatoes

Upside down tomatoes

They didn’t do as well as those on the ground but I also keep forgetting to water them 😦  I have yet to get any tomatoes but you can see the flowers.  It would help if I knew which variety tomato seedlings I had; determinate or indeterminate as well as their sizes (I sowed from a mixed lot packet).  Probably the cherry tomatoes would do better upside down.  That would save them from sprawling everywhere too.  Which would be helpful if you don’t have much gardening space.

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