2014 Swapped

We started the year in February 2014 with sweet, juicy mulberries and lots of summer produce.  Then it got more interesting in March with a blue tomato and giant sized tree chillies.

Autumn brought more tomatoes in April and who loves juicy figs?  Our gardens were still producing as it started to get cooler in May, when we attempted to lash together bamboo structures.

We tried to beat the cold in June by learning how to make hot compost with Neil.  Croydon Food Swap turned 2 in July and celebrated in the cold with Woz sharing about permaculture.  While our gardens were pretty cold and dormant, we started swapping clothes and books in August.

Spring at last!  Getting excited to sow seeds, we tried our hands at making seed pots from  toilet paper tubes and old newspaper in September.  The next swap was the quietest swap on record and it looks like Croydon Food Swap was on the brink of extinction in October!  Thankfully, it was only a temporary lull and we had so much to swap in November and learned how to make willow wreaths with Ros.

The wreaths would have dried well after a month and ready to be decorated for X’mas.  We celebrated the final swap in December with food and homemade Kris Kringle.  What a great turnout to finish the year!

Thanks everyone for a great year and looking forward to an even better year!  Happy gardening and we will meet again in 2015!


  1. Joan Snowball

    Hi Karen,

    I first met you at the December swap and sorry I missed the January food swap as I thought it wasn’t going to happen then – and I’m just walking distance from the school. Can I join the mailing list please? My email address is joansnowy@gmail.com

    For when the Feb swap comes around may I ask you a question? Is it OK to bring some horse manure but leave it in the car and put a note on one of the food tables (it’s too big to haul there). Thanks.

    Joan Snowball


    • Hi Joan,

      Yes, I still remember you – welcome online! And you haven’t missed the January swap yet as swappers requested for one on the 2nd Saturday which is this coming Saturday! It is forecasted to be wet though but summer rain is fun – we were just out in the city in the heat just now, when it started pouring. Never welcomed the rain as much before, except when I’m indoors and the plants are needing water 🙂

      About the horse manure, yes please do. If no one would like it, I’ll take it!

      I’ll add you to my mailing list which is for reminders once a month before each swap. If you also like to subscribe to the posts I write here on wordpress, you can do so on the sidebar (right hand) – just click the “Follow” button.

      Hope to see you this Saturday!



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