WWOOFers for a day

Who would have thought we would be Willing Workers On an Organic Farm?  That’s what we did on Saturday and we are looking forward to returning again!

Where?  A little bit of history of where we were.  Beenak House is a mud brick farmhouse set in 40 acres of bush bordering Beenak State Forest.  The very unique house was built by the owners from natural materials sourced from the land.  In its heyday, it was a vegetarian guesthouse, featuring seasonal, organically grown fruit from the orchard, vegetables from the garden, and milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs from the animals.  Fresh, organic produce coupled with Helmi’s delicious cooking – yummy!

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What?  Spring is the season for planting and there were empty garden beds to be prepared for the seedlings that were ready to go in.  We took the opportunity last Saturday (before the downpour) to weed, prepare the beds and plant seeds and seedlings.  While preparing the beds, we also had a byproduct of potato harvest…for the boys, it was like striking gold!  We have since enjoyed some lovely mash from those potatoes 🙂

We managed to prepare and plant 3 beds; sweetcorn, pumpkin and tomatoes.  See the little bluebird checking out our newly planted garden bed.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the baby goat, Coco but we did enjoy some fresh goat’s milk and cheese.  What a treat!

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Why?  We have our own gardens to tend to as well so why did we spend the day working at this organic farm?  The raspberry jelly for dessert would have been a good enough reason, if we had known beforehand 🙂

Helmi and Lionel are well into their 90s and a not long ago, they’ve suffered a setback (car accident) which left them with injuries that makes working on a farm not as easy as before.  This opportunity to experience the real farm life just came blowing in the wind at us and we went with the flow.

We were well fed (sorry forgot to take the pictures of morning tea and lunch before we devoured everything!) and we took the opportunity to get as much planted as possible before the downpour that was forecasted to arrive.  The boys loved feeding the giant weeds to the goat and sheep; makes weeding purposeful, doesn’t it?  We learned about making elderflower cordial and champagne.  The bunch of elderflowers harvested have been turned into 3 bottles of champagne and a few jars of syrup (my experiment!).  We left with a real sense of satisfaction and contentment having worked in a real organic farm as a family.  The experience was just priceless.  Hubby described it as relaxing…who would have thought!  I hope that our hosts had a similar experience.

Now we can’t wait to hear news of how the plants are growing.  We’re looking forward to the harvest and hope to return to Beenak House soon.  If anyone would like to be WWOOFers at Beenak House, please get in touch.  We will also try to put any working bees onto the calendar (when we have more time to plan) so if you would like to join in, please get in touch too.  Happy gardening!

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