2 things to do with Willow tree branches

Here’s the 2nd part (see Part 1 here) of our swap on Saturday when Ros showed us how to make and decorate willow wreaths.  I suppose I could say that there are 101 things to do with Willow tree branches but they won’t be covered here.

This is what we were attempting to make…



And this is how we did it…

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And then Woz (Permaculture Victoria), turned up here (see him in the background?) and escaped the task of making a wreath but shared a sustainable and useful tip…


And that makes the 2nd thing to do with Willow tree branches.  We didn’t have to throw out all the leftover bits and pieces of willow branches, as Woz kindly taught us to use them to make a sort of rooting hormone for plants.  Just cut them up into 1 inch bits roughly and pour boiling water on them.  After leaving ‘the recipe’ for 24 hours, you can use the liquid on plants that you would like to encourage root growth or for cuttings.  I will try that soon!



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