Flowers are more than eye candy

When I first started planting in my garden, my plan was to fill it with edible plants only.  No ornamentals for me as I thought they are a waste of space, time and resource.  That was then.  I’ve since learned that I really need a balance.

We’ve battled aphids for many years.  One of the reasons is that we have a lot of ants in our garden and they will do anything to protect those aphids.  The ants are a topic for another day.  For now, I’m determined to fill our garden with as many plants that will attract beneficial insect.  Still a long way to go for me as I only have 2 varieties of lavender (which were already here before but I’ve propagated a few more) and a few small clumps of alyssum that looks really good.  Flowering herbs are also attractive to beneficial insects.

The other day I came across 2 bushes with small purple/violet flowers and they were really fragrant when the leaves are rubbed.  I suspect they would be beneficial to the garden.  Who knows what they are?

Here’s the first bush.  The leaves look a bit like some varieties of thyme.  The fragrance almost like lavender.

Bush 1 close-up

Bush 1 close-up

Bush 1

Bush 1

Here’s the 2nd bush.  Cut to the same shape as the first bush so only a close-up picture.  The leaves are small too but are lanceolate shape instead.  Similar fragrant when leaves are rubbed.

Bush 2

Bush 2


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