Broad bean shoots

I’ve been planting broad beans (also known as fava or faba beans) for many years but I’ve only recently took a real liking to it.  I didn’t realise that they were the same beans that were highly processed (deep fried), available in kiosk that sell nuts and other snacks.  I love those!  So I thought I’d make a healthy version of those beans (when I made the connection).  Last summer, I consumed many trays of roasted broad beans.  It was addictive!

When autumn came and I ran out of broad beans, I decided to plant a whole patch of them.  I used to plant them just as companion plants and to enrich the soil (green manure).  Now it’s a different story.  But what to do in the meantime, while waiting for the beans?  The plants were growing nice and strong mid winter.

Broad bean plants

Broad bean plants

I discovered that the shoots (young tips) and the flowers can be eaten!  Bonus winter crop!  With the 20 or so plants I had, the shoots were enough for one meal.  How to cook them?  We stir fried them with garlic and salt and they tasted just like pea shoots.  Now I can’t wait to have more 🙂

Here’s a picture of how to harvest the shoots (black line as cutting guide).

Broad bean shoot

Broad bean shoot


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