Carrot tops



We recently harvested some early carrots as a ‘little rabbit’ couldn’t wait to try out carrots that he planted!  They were really baby carrots but the tops were green and luscious.  How could we bear to throw them into the compost bin?

So we decided that we’ll eat them!  But not before we did some research as we didn’t want to try out Socrates way of dying!  The most comprehensive info we found was by one of my favourite bloggers and she wrote “ARE CARROT TOPS TOXIC? (THE SHORT ANSWER: NO)“.  And this article from the World Carrot Museum gives some good info on the nutritional values of carrot tops and great recipes to try with them.

I became the cup-bearer by adding a whole bunch of cut up carrot tops into my stew.  Well, that was on Sunday and I’m still alive!  And since then, we’ve had the carrot tops in a salad (raw) and added to tom yum soup.  Surprisingly they didn’t taste bitter or strong at all and the kids took them happily in the salad.  They just tasted like any greens, a bit like parsley but milder with a hint of carrot.  It could be that our carrots were still young.  We’ll try them again when we harvest more carrots as they get older and bigger.

Carrot tops are definitely never going into our compost bin again!  Next on the menu…carrot top pesto 🙂

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