March 2014 Swap

Great variety at the swap this month – including one blue tomato (!) zucchini, lemons, giant sized tree chillies, various varieties of tomato, rhubarb, peaches, cucumbers, apples, pumpkin, celery, many seeds, rosemary, basil, chives, eggplants, capsicum, garlic, and big bowl of cumquats. Wish I had time to make marmalade!

There were also some scrumptious muffins – mini sweet potato, zucchini and honey or big wholemeal blueberry muffins, and fantastic hot thermos coffee – the real stuff, brought over from Laos.

I hope someone will bring marmalade to swap soon!


  1. I missed the swap! I would love to have a go at those giant sized tree chillies so if anyone saved seeds or germinated them, please share your excess at future swaps. Thanks!


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