Edible Weed – Purslane

There is this weed in my garden that many years ago, I spent a lot of time removing.  It wasn’t difficult to remove but it was a very hardy plant, growing even in places where it’s too dry for anything else to grow.  Then after all that time, I discovered that it’s an edible weed that’s also very  nutritious.  Huge regret!  Who doesn’t want free food without all the work?


Edible weed – Purslane

No fear, now the purslane is back with a vengeance!  It started up again when the other plants were suffering in the recent summer dry heat.  It’s growing in pots where I have lettuce, spring onion, peas, etc.  We think the purslane (also called pigweed) tastes a bit like lettuce and would do very well in a salad.  I can’t find the original news article that made me realise I was throwing away a good thing then but here’s a good article on growing purslane .



  1. Anna

    I always wondered what that weed was…. And you can eat it….. Next month at food swap Karen


  2. great info – I’ll definitely watch out for Purslane seeds or plant. It’s very old – I think it’s mentioned in Shakespeare.


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