First Fruit


First olive!

We’ve had this olive tree in a tub for many years and it has been flowering every season for almost as many years too.  But never a fruit.  Today I just noticed 2 fruits!  Hope they won’t fall off.

You will notice in the background, on the bottom left corner, there’s the Koubachi wifi plant sensor (white thingy).  I wrote about the Koubachi a few weeks/months ago.  As the olive tree was the only plant I’m monitoring, I’ve been reminded to water it as soon as it starts to dry out in the past few months.  For many months and years, I tended to neglect the olive tree as it was hardy (poor tree!).  Well, I’m guessing that the flowers never turned to fruit due to the lack of water.  So the Koubachi did help me after all.  If only the database has more relevant plants…

I wonder what sort of olive I have???  And how do you know the fruits are ready to be picked?


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