Painted Mountain Corn

I was very excited to get a handful of painted mountain corn seeds last year.  I had been planning to plant sweet corn which I’ve planted once with success quite a few years ago.  As the cobs were really good, friends always ended up getting them and I had forgotten to keep a cob for seeds.

So I decided to just plant these colourful corn seeds that I had and try eating them while they are young instead of waiting to grind them in corn meal or corn flour.  Since I only had a small patch to plant them in, I put in about 10 plants in a square.  They were very hardy and grew where many other plants couldn’t.  But I’m guessing that wasn’t enough to make sure they pollinated well as you see that the kernels are quite sparse on most of the cobs.  And because I was hoping for them to develop more kernels, I waited too long and didn’t get to harvest them when young.  Maybe the heatwave dried them prematurely too.  Still we decided to taste them and found the taste to be very good although unlike sweet corn.  We will try again next season now that we have many seeds.  Love the colours!

Painted Mountain Corn

Painted Mountain Corn


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