Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

This was my ‘early Christmas present’ that was supposed to aid my brown thumb.  So I thought it would be useful to share my review in case anyone else is thinking of buying one too.

Straight out of the box, the first thing we need to do is set it up.  You’ll need an iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad).  Or use the browser on your computer (haven’t tried this).  With the iOS device, download the Koubachi App and follow the instructions.  If the equipment including your internet connection via Wi-Fi is working well, the setup should be smooth and easy to follow.  In our case, we had to try a few times while wondering if we were doing the right thing.  But after about 30 mins (and some bickering), we got it up and running.

Now to find a plant to monitor.  There were 3 plants that I wanted to monitor as they weren’t growing as well as I would like them to.  Firstly, a persimmon tree that has yellowish leaves.  It is about 4 years old and there were a few small fruits last year but none this year.  Next was an Imperial mandarin that is also not doing as well as it should.  Small and yellowish leaves which are also slightly curled on the edges.  And lastly, the few Goji plants that I have neglected previously.  Unfortunately, none of these trees/plants were on the database.  You can use generic plants instead but you would need to find a good match or it probably won’t work as well.  Instead, I scanned the database to see what plants were available and decided to give our Olive tree in a pot some TLC.  It is another plant that has been neglected for a few years, hence no olives 😦

Meanwhile, I emailed support about the plants that I would like added to the database.  Their response was good and I was requested to get photos of the plants which I did.  However, after many weeks, the plants have still not been added to the database which is disappointing.  So while I can monitor multiple plants (up to 27), I have not used that feature yet and have only been monitoring the Olive tree.

The sensor monitors 3 things;  moisture, light and heat.  I would have loved it to also measure the pH while still maintaining the simple sensor.  The battery life in the sensor is also monitored and it is long lasting, with the documentation claiming that due to the ultra-low power consumption of the sensor, it can last for more than a year.

So my verdict?  It is a good device but I would not spend that price especially when the plant database is limited.  It is good to ensure you don’t neglect your plants as the notifications are timely.  The data communicated is reliable and accurate.  To find out more, visit http://koubachi.com



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  2. Penny Green

    Just read your thoughts about the Kabouchi Karen, following your recent post on your olives! Very interesting thank you!
    Wondering if it is appropriate to come to the food swap if you don’t have any to swap? Like could we pay a token amount for abundant supplies?


    • Hi Penny, thanks for stopping by and reading about my ‘misadventures’! We would love for you to come to the swap. We are 100% free so there’s no money exchanging hands. You could always bring a plate to share if there’s nothing growing in your garden, although you could be surprised at the edible weeds around that you may be unaware of! Please drop by and you could be inspired to start growing something by all the keen gardeners. All welcome!


      • Penny Green

        Can’t come this week thanks Karen, but will watch out for the next one. Thanks for your prompt reply. 🙂


  3. Great, see you soon, Penny!


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