Healthy Fizzy Drink

Due to health issues, I’ve decided to increase my intake of probiotics but not dairy products.  Hence I’ve discovered water kefir grains and this is my new craze, LOL!  You can read a lot about them on the internet so I won’t repeat all that info except that they are a great source of non-dairy probiotics.

I’ve been culturing them for a few weeks now and loving it!  My children love it too and that could be good news or bad news depending on how you see it 😛  They drank up all of my first batch…

Here’s a slideshow of my new ‘pets’.

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As you can see, they feed on sugar…any type of sugar except those with antibacterial properties like honey.  It’s best to use organic or sugar that are least contaminated with chemicals as too much exposure to chemicals will kill them (just like it will kill us!).  Same goes with water, no or less chemicals and more minerals.

I guess the most important question is how does the cultured drink taste?  It reminds me of ginger beer with a soft fizziness (you can make it less or more fizzy depending on taste by controlling the fermentation time).  And you can flavour it during the 2nd fermentation.  I flavour it with 1/3 apple and blackcurrant juice for the kids and they can’t get enough of it.

And lastly, if the grains are happy, they grow and reproduce so you will have a lot of goodness to share around.  They are one of the most low maintenance ‘pets’ I’ve ever had 🙂  My son says they look like mini jelly fish.  I hope to share some of the cultured drink this Saturday so come prepared for a taste adventure!


  1. Charles Ungar

    Would you share some of your kefir grains with me. I buy ready made kefir milk and just recently found out that I can do it myself. I’d like to give it a try. Thanks.


    • The one I have is water kefir which is different from milk kefir. What you are drinking is from milk kefir which I don’t have any. I will bring some water kefir as the weather warms up and they multiply. Enjoy your kefir drinks!


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