Poo power vs used barley

Sorry the title doesn’t sound too nice but I was reminded of this article that was about turning dog waste into energy.  They even have their own website Poo Power.  It’s such a great idea as I always think it’s such a waste to throw all that ‘power’ away…

As you know, we also collect used coffee grounds from the local cafe.  We were asked if we would also like to collect used barley from a brewery that they run.  Perhaps we could turn the barley waste into some sort of energy, a friend’s hubby asked.  Now we just have to get more people onto this AND…

How about a community compost?  We have community gardens and I wonder if they would also like to house compost bins for coffee grounds, barley waste, etc.  Perhaps they do already, someone please let me know if there’s one in the local area.



  1. jet wilson

    i would like to try coffee grounds, what do we do with the barley?  if its to make compost I may like to try it also.  At present snails eat my strawberries, which lay on bare ground.  Jet


    • We will get in touch with you for the used coffee grounds collection. As for the barley, my idea was just to add it to our compost bin. It seems it is also good for hot composting but I’ve never done that before. Someone at Transition Town would probably be better to advise you on that.

      I’m not sure if the coffee grounds would totally deter the snails although I’ve seen them avoid the coffee grounds. But slugs don’t seem to care. Who knows the bugs have different ‘tastes’ in different gardens so you could try…


  2. Hey guys, we’re totally on the same wavelength. Any organic material that decomposes can be used to generate energy via anaerobic digestion then the remaining ‘sludge’ can be composted and/or onto the gardens for happy plants. Win-win! It’s a real opportunity for the food and hospitality industry considering the amount of food waste we see in landfill. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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