Bamboo ladder

This is the bamboo ladder I made from harvested bamboo and old shoelaces (don’t mind the plate of coffee grounds drying for the quails).

bamboo ladder

It’s a great ladder for our towels especially considering we didn’t have to spend a cent, just our time and energy.  It does shear a bit though.  Any ideas how to make it more stable easily?  I’ve investigated making grooves before lashing or using cross braces but not easy enough.  Grooves could probably be considered if we had much thicker lengths of bamboo.

This is the second bamboo ladder I’ve made and we’ve learned a lot since the first one which involved 2 pairs of hands (at least), drill, nuts and bolts, twine and hot glue!  For this one, no drill or any other tools and just 1 pair of hands.  Much better!

I must give credit to this article, especially the part on the lashing technique.  I have since build 2 trellises for the garden and practised the lashing technique many times.

Hope to be able to demonstrate the bamboo lashing at one of the swaps if anyone is interested.  Really useful especially if you have tons of old shoelaces lying around, LOL!




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