Mystery plant


I sowed some fennel seeds in Autumn but it appears that the seeds have probably been kept for too long so none germinated except ‘one’.  I was quite sure it wasn’t a weed so I tended to it so that I have some hope of collecting more seeds for the future.  This seedling did grow very well and now it’s almost 2 feet hight and have lots of green luscious leaves BUT looking nothing like fennel!

The chooks love the leaves and now it has small florets which at first look a bit like a developing broccoli head but then it doesn’t grow any bigger and is now blooming (yellow just like broccoli).  Could this be a broccoli rabe or rapini?  If it is, I’ve wasted the only green vegetable that’s growing well this season by throwing all the juicy leaves to the chooks!  Oh well, it’s getting turned into eggs now 🙂

The only mystery is that I’ve not planted this and neither do I have any such seeds!

IMystery Plant



  1. Dale Morgan

    looks like a mustard family plant. Did you ever find out what it was?


    • Actually, that sounds like it but I never found out what it was and it’s growing again where I sowed broccoli. Something has eaten all the broccoli seedlings but not that plant. I know the chooks love it though and it grows so well without any care!


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