Part of a bigger picture

Croydon Food Swap is now officially a local group of Permaculture Melbourne!

What does this mean to us as a group?  We will have a few responsibilities, mainly to keep the trunk informed of activities and events.  The main advantage of being under this umbrella organisation is that we can now enjoy legal coverage as a member of an incorporated association and public liability insurance cover for events.  More details of the roles and responsibilites of the trunk and members can be found on Permaculture Melbourne’s website.

Besides the technicalities, we have chosen to be a part of Permaculture Melbourne because it offers members support in terms of applying permaculture principles of which the core values we share.  We are very grateful to this umbrella organisation for providing this service.

This brings us to the fact that we can now do much more with our group.  For starters, we can now officially swap homemade items (made from your excess harvest) like jams, chutneys, preserves, cakes, scones, etc, and eggs.  It would be best if the homemade items be labelled with at least product name, ingredients and date produced.  This would be useful to avoid allergy issues and assist with determination of storage period.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see happen at our monthly swap meets, please feel free to share your thoughts.


  1. Nat

    oh yay that is exciting!


  2. Exciting news! I look forward to expanding on what I can bring to the swap.


  3. This is excellent! Good work all!


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