June 2013 Swap

We have completed 1 full year of swapping with this swap!  And again, we were fortunate to have a beautiful crisp day.  We had a small cosy group sharing about what we have in the garden at the moment.  That motivated me to get out in the cold to plant a few more things 🙂

I enjoyed myself so much, I had totally forgotten to take pictures of the swap tables so I set out the things I brought home and took a few pictures.

cauliflower, alyssum, nasturtium, pea seeds dill, tamarillos, eggplants, chillies chervil, strawberries, rainbow chard, pumpkin


Let me try to remember all we had. Strawberries, chervil, rainbow chard, pumpkin, dill, eggplant, chillies, tamarillos, cauliflower, alyssum, nasturtium, galangal, monstera, oranges, lemons, broccoli, apple mint, coffee grounds, coriander, parsley and more that I’ve forgotten!

The next swap marks our 1st anniversary!  Hope to see you there!


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