Grow food, pumpkin puzzle and sharing recipes


Jan shared this great poster.  What a lovely harvest!  Sometimes our tables look as full but we haven’t really got any pumpkins before?  Looks like we all have to work harder at growing pumpkins…or stop eating them all, LOL!

I do have a few pumpkin plants growing but I didn’t sow them; they just appeared from the pots that contained other plants.  Originally I thought they were zucchini plants.  For a long time, the pumpkins didn’t get pollinated (many months) but recently 1 was successfully pollinated and grew quite quickly! I’m not sure if this is a result of natural pollination or our brush did it.  The strange thing is, especially now, it’s so hard to get any male flowers and there are so many female flowers, so our brush can’t get any pollen to transfer.  I wonder why?  Also, how can you tell when to harvest the pumpkin?  It looks like a Kent.  It is invading the garden!

Well, we thought that for the coming swap end of this May, we will share/swap recipes.  Perhaps recipes related to something you are swapping.  Or recipes that are ‘needed’ for this season like warm soups.  Or a quick and easy recipe that you use all the time.  And we wouldn’t mind any food tasting offered either 🙂

Sure hope most of the rain would have fallen come next Saturday!  See you all then…


  1. Nat

    looking forward to the swap! There are a few ways to tell if your pumpkin is ready, when the nearest leaf to the fruit dies, when the stem goes woody are a few (and the methods I use) I will be bringing some pumpkin along as I have sooooooooo many from summer!


  2. Thanks, Nat. It looks like my pumpkin isn’t ready yet which means I can get a bigger pumpkin! Can’t wait to see you (and pumpkins) at the next swap 🙂 I did get a tip to let pumpkins crawl up a frame like vines and I’ll test that out next season with the seeds I got from the last swap.


    • Nat

      Yay for a bigger pumpkin! Yes that’s how I grow my pumpkin, up a trellis and they seem to do very well! Great for keeping mildew at bay as well! It’s also easy to see the flower so you can hand pollinate :D. No matter how big the pumpkin they seem to hang on when growing up a support, and I would like to try this with melons but have heard you need to support the fruit with a stocking as they are not as robust as pumpkins!


      • Thanks for confirming that. Really can’t wait to test this as mildew gets my pumpkin plants everytime 😦 Have you also tried growing pumpkins as perennials? It seems you don’t need to pull them out, just prune them down and they’ll start again the next season!


      • Nat

        no I haven’t, I have one plant left that I can try this with…so I just prune it back to a few leaves?


      • I think prune off all the wilting bits…I didn’t get the details as I thought I would check again when I’m ready to try. Since you have one more plant left and if you’ve got space to leave it there, see how you go!


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