Bush cubby for the plants in summer

We were pruning our elm tree on a hot summer’s day and the green waste bin was full (I wish the council would provide a 2nd of this bin for free instead of the recyclables as we never usually fill that one) so I decided to just pile the branches in a pile to let them dry out first.

Then my mum saw that many of the smaller trees were stressed by the recent heat so she decided to make some shade for them on this 40°C day.  So the branches were put to good use while they were drying out, waiting for their turn to go into the green bin.

So the lime tree and strawberry guava bush was nicely shaded and camouflaged!  What else do you do with your prunings and does you green bin always run out of space like mine does?

Bush cubby



  1. There’s always the hot composting idea. If you can chip or chop up your dried out prunings, they can be a good source of carbon in a hot compost. (Two parts carbon to one part nitrogen I’m told. Dry, dead stuff is carbon (cardboard, sticks, paper, straw) and wet stuff is nitrogen (vegie scraps, coffee grounds, soft green prunings). You make one big heap all at once, let it heat up for a few days, then when it starts to cool down, you turn it to heat up again. Lots of work but it makes compost in a few weeks!


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