Welcome to the Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap!

Join us for the latest, seasonal home produce from friendly, local gardeners.  Take home some fresh food, interesting plants and more inspiring tips to bring your gardens alive.  Put the next date on your calendars!

Thanks to all the keen food swappers who have been with us on the journey to make this group happen and welcome to new members who will start enjoying the swap. We hope that this blog will provide the necessary information for people looking to attend the swap as well as be a place to share our thoughts and the happenings in our gardens.


  1. janetdown

    Looking forward to the swap today! Looks like good weather for it.


  2. Nat

    I have been looking for a local food swap for a while and am so glad I found this one 😀 Looking forward to attending the one later this month 😀



  3. I’m glad you found us, Nat! I can’t wait to meet you too…I think we’ll have lots to talk about 🙂 Remember to put the date on your calendar.


  4. Elena

    Hi, I turned up with my box of strawberries and seeds today (Sunday). Oops, my mistake. I hope to meet you all next month.


    • Wish I could have been there Sunday too! Would you like to join the reminder list (email and/or SMS) so we won’t miss your goodies again? Just contact me privately with your details. Can’t wait to meet you next month, Elena!


  5. Nina

    Looking forward to the next Food Swap 🙂

    I have shared the details on the Kilsyth South Baptist Church Community Garden facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kilsyth-South-Baptist-Church-Community-Garden/620676124612760


  6. Thanks, Nina! The community garden is a great idea. You could start it off with any seedlings you get from the swap too. All the best!


  7. Joan Snowball

    Hi Croydon Food swappers. I’m fairly new to the scene but enjoying the privilege. I have some information that may be of interest to some of you.

    Horse Manure – If others are looking for horse manure, it’s available at the gate from a guy called Craig on the the Healesville side of Lilydale for $3 per bag when available. I may get occasional weeds from it, but not much. I don’t know the postal address, but a person can approach the Healesville and Warburton intersection (where there are traffic lights) being in the left lane heading towards Healesville. The horse property is immediately after that intersection on the left. Buyers should lay lots of protection down for their car upholstery as regularly the bags leak horsy moisture.

    Fruit weighing down branches – Someone had problems with fruit trees overloaded so that the branches broke under the weight. When I was a child my dad grew a large yellow cooking peach tree which was highly productive and the branches were loaded with heavy fruit. He solved the problem by carefully propping up individual branches using old fence palings and we never had a torn branch.

    Growing Basil – I hadn’t had much success growing basil when I realized that they like lots of water. So a few months ago I planted one in the garden under a tap and primed it to drip water every several seconds. The basil plant is now about 2.5 feet tall and thriving.



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